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About Fermin Leon

I am Fermin León, from Guanajuato, Mexico, and have grown up working with

horses. My style of training is Doma Vaquera and Alta Escuela ( High School) .

Currently, I live in Fremont, California and this is where I have my horses.

Fermin with a Lipizzan in for training.

For my own enjoyment, I have a horse trained to the "garrocha." This is a

pole 12 to 13 feet long. It is a training exercise that uses techniques

from Doma Vaquera and Alta Escuela to demonstrate the agility and discipline

of the horse, responding to cues from the rider in a beautiful routine of

movement. It is done to classical flamenco music. Originally, the garrocha

was used in Spain and Mexico when herding cattle, or separating an animal

from the herd.


Fermin and Linda introduce Mil Amores to the ocean

Santa Barbara, 2006


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