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Fermin and Mil Amores

"Thank you for visiting our web site and viewing our horses.   

Rancho las Camelinas has moved operations to Lincoln, CA as of April, 2019. We have scaled back our program to managing a few breedings a year with our stallion, Amadeus, and our mares, Alborada, Cordelina, Madrilena, Olympia, Napoleona and Farolera. Napoleon is currently in Mexico and is the foundation of the Andalusian program there. Fermin has retired from training and is enjoying the social side of managing his horses. "


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Fermin & Linda Leon

Warm Springs Blvd, Fremont , CA

San Francisco de los Leones, Mexico

cell phone: 510-798-5272 phone: 510-490-8208

radio: 117*132038*19