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Rancho Las Camelinas, Mexico (camelina means bougainvillea), is a dream we have had for several years. It existed in our minds for many years, then progressed to reality as we began training, breeding, and raising Andalusian horses in Fremont, California. As we traveled back and forth between Fremont to Mexico, we saw the possibility of having this dream in both places. Fermin is from San Francisco de los Leones, a "ranch," which is common in Mexico...a small, rural town at the foot of a mountain, Cerro Grande. The largest citiesnearby are Cortazar and Celaya, Guanajuato. It is agricultural, surrounded by fields of wheat, corn, alfalfa, garbanzo and pinto beans, all irrigated by canals or wells. As well as crops, ranch people raise goats, cattle and pigs. The goats and cattle make daily trips up & down the main street of town, to and from grazing sites. Others make their living by operating small "tiendas" from the front of their homes (small shops, like 7-ll's), selling food, fruits & vegetables, bread & rolls, candy, milk, beer & softdrinks, and anything else imaginable. Others operate "fast food" stands from carts with fresh fruit spiced with chili powder & limejuice, tortas,enchiladas, gorditas, fresh juice and salsas, tacos, hamburgers & hotdogs. There is a cottage industry in the town of sewing bras and panties to sell in the major cities in the nearby states, from Mexico City and Guadalajara to Saltillo, Puebla, and Morelia, Michoacan. The cutting & sewing is done in the homes and hundreds of dozens are delivered weekly to the buyers. It is a place that begins to "get to you," making it harder to leave each time we visit. Rancho Las Camelinas (RLC), Mexico is being planned in three phases: Casa Las Camelinas, where we live, Cabana Las Camelinas, where we will have a cabana for parties & gatherings, with a bougainvillea-covered paseo from the large entrance gate to the center and a horse path around the inside perimeter, of the wall, and Rancho Las Camelinas, where the horse facilities will be.

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